At Precious Baby Kids we offer a variety of wooden toys as well as tools for kitchen a- like and accessories, wooden toy play sets and blocks for 3> aged children. We takes great pride in bringing enjoyment and high learning value to our children with those lead-free and are perfectly safe wooden toy range.

You'll discover that’s products which are aimed at developing specific range of specific skills and intelligence which are ultimately vital for a complete and balanced development of your child. Your child's learning and developmental skills can be greatly enhanced by utilizing everyday situations as they arise in the home environment.

It may help children improve their physical, mental and social skills, experience the joy of imaginative play, and discover their true potential in all aspects of life

The imagination of your child can be encouraged by using play cooking equipment and utensils, which allow them to mimic and play out everyday kitchen and cooking scenarios. Try our MOTHER GARDEN series for make believe fun, the Breakfast Set to use/prepared for the breakfast, as well as the Strawberry Party Set for pretend tea parties.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New beginnings :)

I'm not very good at these... personal announcements I mean. But here goes smile emotion. 

So, a lot of you have noticed and asked about why I have been kind of hiding under a rock lately ( or couple of months ago )....  this is why... 

My husband and I are expecting our third child!!

Overall, we are very grateful for the little life that is forming inside of me.

I thought it best to clear up those curious questions that seem to have been floating around the past couple of months: 
1) Yes I have been less active on social media lately ….that has been absolutely zero indication to how well or worse I have felt. Updating blog / FB for even those single photos a day was really hard for me, making my head spin and needing to sit back down after. And as a result, the emails that came in following up on order, and asking why I have been cancelling for the order.
2) No, I am not closing down Precious Baby Kids :) In fact, we still have  stock left even few bundle of new stock still storage in my office..

To those that have been wondering what I will be doing with PBK now that I am going to become a mother of three (wow, even typing that does NOT sound normal! haha), i've already made all the necessary adjustments to accommodate the coming of this new little life, and finally I have make a decision in slow flow with  all the incoming orders request unless you have heard from me that I’m going to “rest “with my confinement in the coming Aug soon, things will continue as per normal. 

I've been really blessed with the most understanding customers and I cannot tell you just how much that has meant to me.  

Once again, Thank you,

Lai Chan


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